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Natural Baby Toothpaste
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Thank you for choosing Happy Teeth! Help to prevent baby and toddler tooth decay with our clean & natural baby and toddler toothpaste made exclusively for tiny teeth and gums. Happy brushing.


Natural Baby Toothpaste × 4

Thank you for choosing Happy Teeth! Help to prevent baby and toddler tooth decay with our clean & natural baby and toddler toothpaste made exclusively for tiny teeth and gums. Happy brushing.

$3.80 each

No fluoride & Safe-to-swallow

Perfectly formulated for baby's first brushing

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

For a clean and healthy mouth

No parabens, sulfates or harsh abrasives

Gentle for tiny teeth and gums

Made With Xylitol

For natural cavity prevention

Clean, gentle & digestible

Made just for baby


Welcome to baby brushing, the first step in gently caring for your baby’s first teeth and gums and starting habits that will last a lifetime. Helping prevent cavities begins with our clean, natural, gentle, fluoride free, safe-to-swallow Happy Teeth natural baby toothpaste. Here’s just a few reasons why you’ll love it as much as we do:

No parabens, sulfates or harsh abrasives
Made with Xylitol
Made with Xylitol
Recommended by pediatric medical and dental professionals
No fluoride & Safe-to-swallow
For babies and toddlers up to 3 years

Ingredients: glycerin, water, xylitol, propanediol, sorbitol, pectin, xanthan gum, hydrated silica, natural flavor, sorbic acid and calcium lactate

Directions: Squeeze a pea sized amount of Happy Teeth onto an extra soft bristled brush. Use a small circlular motion on teeth and gums. For best results, be sure to brush your baby’s teeth at least twice a day, morning and right before bed.

Size: 1.4 oz. (40grams)

6 reviews for Natural Baby Toothpaste (1.4oz) x 4 Tubes

  1. The Roths Sherman Oaks, CA

    “When we took our 22 month daughter for her first dental check up, we asked Dr Jill Lasky for her recommendation of the safest, healthiest toothpaste for kids. Her top choice? Happy Teeth! We ordered 3 tubes that very day and our daughter loves it.”

  2. Carol Pettis

    My kids love this toothpaste! Although we found this toothpaste after my girls were old enough to handle flouride toothpaste, we carry Happy Teeth when I know we’ll be on the road past their bedtime so that at least they’ll be able to brush their teeth without the need to spit. I would definitely have used Happy Teeth if I had discovered it when they were younger as well.

    I also gifted it to my sister-in-law about a year ago whose twins are now 2 years old, and they love the taste of Happy Teeth. They don’t struggle with baby teethbrushing like I did when my girls were little. Highly recommend this product!

  3. Tina B.

    The BEST first toothpaste for your child!
    I used happy teeth with both of my girls as soon as they got teeth! It is SO mild tasting compared to every other baby or kid toothpaste, which allowed me to actually be able to brush their little teeth without a fight. Not spicy at ALL! And the natural ingredients make this a product that I have recommended to every mommy friend! So happy to finally see it on Amazon!

  4. Shannon R.

    Great gift for new moms!
    I have been adding this product to gift baskets for baby showers. The feedback has been amazing. I wish it were around when my kids were little. It’s a winner!

  5. Anonymous

    Best Kids Tooth Ever!
    This toothpaste has been a lifesaver for us! My 2 year old used to refused to brush his teeth and disliked all other kids toothpastes we tried. He has never put up a fight with Happy Teeth! He actually looks forward to brushing his teeth now

  6. Anonymous

    Taste like candy.
    Idk if it really does any thing other than encourage brushing because it’s a sweet paste that my daughter loves. And hey it gets her to brush regularly so it works for me.

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